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European Microkelvin Platform

The European Microkelvin Platform (EMP) is a consortium of 17 5195089853which have an extensive portfolio of capacities and expertise in ultralow temperature physics. The EMP has been established in 2014 und provides access to the milli- and microkelvin temperature regime. Since the lowest accessible temperatures are continuously falling, we also lay considerable weight on improving and upgrading our infrastructure. These advances allow us, and our users from across Europe, to study new phenomena, thereby generating new knowledge, applications and commercial opportunities. We have a particular interest in the benefits of ultralow temperature physics for driving forward the inter-related areas of quantum materials, nanoscience, and quantum technology. The activities of the EMP hold enormous potential for innovation.

If you have an ultralow temperature experiment which you would like to have considered for cold time by the Platform please write a résumé of the experiment and the facilities required and forward it to the EMP User Coordinator, (, who will put you in touch with one or more consortium members with the necessary facilities, or submit an online proposal under: /

EMP News

EMP kicks off in Heidelberg

The EMP has started it's work with a kick-off meeting hosted at Heidelberg University from Jan 16th to Jan 18th, 2019. The meeting allowed the involved researchers to discuss details of the proposed projects. Furthermore, the project's first general assembly took place, electing the Joint Industrial Advisory Committee, the Industrial Advisory Committee, the Innovation Committee and the Dissemination Committee.

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